The design journey never ends; trends move forward and evolve constantly. So at Atkinson & Kirby we seek out what’s just over the horizon in interiors – continually, on a global basis. Along with attending expos and design events, we’re also in touch with trend analysts in all spheres, worldwide. With our Trends selections you get the pick of engineered boards in the most contemporary decors. Always.

Homeland - Homeland encapsulates the growing desire to embrace history in a contemporary lifestyle. This trend is about stripping things back to solid functionality, to uncover the beauty of the utilitarian. Colours are mid to dark wood tones, materials are concrete and timber, and finishes are weathered. Homeland is strong on the handmade, craft and the meeting of the industrial and the natural, in ways that are new but reassuringly familiar.

Winter Desert - Calling to mind the cultural sweep of Silk Road merchants’ collected treasures, Winter Desert appeals to the ‘urban nomad’ and connects with ancient ways of living. Handcraft and authentic design, earthen natural tones and deep textures, coloured parquet, sand and grey. Harmonious blends of cultures are sought out as an antidote to hectic modern life.

Organic Future - A positive direction for the future. This trend amalgamates the technical with the organic, reflecting the idea that ecology and futurism can be mutually supportive, that wellbeing and modern life can go hand in hand. Organic Future’s tones are light oak, ash and maple with strong dark wood contrasts, smooth mattes and chalked greys. Order and simplicity are key, tranquillity and balance are the goals.

Modern Revival - Modern Revival is looking back to move forward. Taking in the best of past design – particularly from the early 20th century - means things of worth are not lost to the future.

The resulting look is confident, contemporary, romantic, simple and strong. Patterns are herringbone and chevron, mid to dark tones give a vintage feel. Glamour and utilitarian co-exist, nostalgia gets a modern twist.