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Stacey Solomon's Renovation Rescue: Transforming Spaces with Tanami Oak

Renovation Rescue, Channel 4's hit home improvement programme, recently featured Atkinson and Kirby's Tanami Oak product in an episode that aired on the 17th April. Hosted by the vibrant Stacey Solomon, the programme lends a helping hand to homeowners navigating renovation challenges. In this particular episode, viewers were introduced to Jo and Darryl, residents of the picturesque seaside town of Devon, as they embarked on an inspiring journey to rejuvenate their living space with the help of Stacey's DIY expertise and enthusiasm. This came after they encountered challenges with previous builders, turning their renovation project into a stressful ordeal. Focusing on remodelling their space into an upside-down living area, Jo and Darryl wanted to make their home feel light, bright, and airy. Under Stacey's expert guidance, they revamped their upper-ground floor into an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area. This bold decision promised a fresh perspective and renewed vitality for their home, highlighting the expansive room and stunning sea views that accompanied it. A pivotal aspect of their renovation journey was the selection of flooring for their stairs and open plan area. To tie in with the light and bright look of the place, the couple opted to fit Atkinson and Kirby's Tanami Oak flooring. This choice not only infused the space with a sense of warmth and cosiness but also reflected their commitment to quality and style. The brushed and oiled finish of the Tanami Oak flooring offered both durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring that their investment would stand the test of time. To view the full Atkinson & Kirby flooring collection, please visit: Request a sample of Tanami Oak here

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Atkinson & Kirby's Journey Towards a Greener Future

Here at Atkinson & Kirby, through our latest sustainability report, we have taken the time to analyse where our carbon footprint comes from to ensure we continue to deliver on our sustainable promises. The rising threat of greenwashing across competing industries has made it hugely important for us to document regular updates on our sustainability achievements. This is especially vital as we progress further with our pledges to achieve Net Zero, as part of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, by no later than 2050 and halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030. We are committed to delivering the most eco-friendly and sustainable selection of timber products, with a focus on forming eco-friendly initiatives to positively impact the climate and contribute to a better planet and society. Here are some of our most recent achievements: Reduced our Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 62% compared to our baseline year. Installed 2,600 solar panels at our North Wales factory, generating 40% of the site's total energy requirements and contributing to carbon emissions reduction. Upgraded our Forklift Truck fleet from 30 diesel/LPG trucks to 20, with 19 now being zero-emissions electric trucks and one remaining diesel-powered. Transitioned to cardboard packaging solutions for all flooring items in the Atkinson & Kirby product range in 2023. Identified packaging changes for the Richard Burbidge product range, with implementation scheduled throughout 2024. Installed seven electric vehicle charging points at our HQ car park. Engaged with 15 global suppliers, comprising 80% of total company spend, to present our sustainability report and updated Archwood collaboration document. Communicated policy changes impacting suppliers, a crucial step in achieving our sustainability goals Reflecting on the past year, our Manager Director, Josh Burbidge, describes how the business is setting the benchmark with Net Zero goals and year-on-year transparency towards our sustainability progress: “At Atkinson & Kirby, we’re passionate about design, manufacturing and the sustainable sourcing of timber products. We have made great progress on our Net Zero journey, reducing our Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 62% versus our baseline year. This is a fantastic achievement but there is still much more work to be done.  We have prepared our latest report to update on our journey so far and highlight what we will be focusing on in the coming years’. Download the full Sustainability Report 2023 here.

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Parquet flooring with Atkinson & Kirby

Parquet flooring truly has stood the test of time as a classic and elegant choice for any interior design. Tracing its roots back to the grand halls of the Palace of Versailles, parquet wood flooring always brings a feeling of heritage and class. So, whether you have a traditional or contemporary style, these geometric patterns will add a touch of sophistication to your home. Learn more about Atkinson & Kirby parquet flooring and be inspired to create a stylish, timeless wooden floor for your next project. What is parquet floor made of? First things first - what is parquet flooring? Parquet is a hardwood flooring product, and oak is typically the most common type of wood used. The iconic parquet design is created by placing short planks of wood diagonally, coming together at 90 degrees at the end. Parquet blocks, or planks, come in a few different thicknesses and widths to suit different applications. At Atkinson & Kirby, our curated parquet collection offers a variety of options, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space and to suit any style. You can create chevron or herringbone flooring patterns and refinish or stain to suit the design. How to style parquet floors With its durability, timeless quality, and versatile options, parquet flooring can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. At Atkinson & Kirby, our parquet collection offers an array tonal choices and different shades, allowing you to be absolutely bang on trend, perfectly traditional, or anywhere in between. The classic parquet design sits perfectly with both a more traditional and modern decor. Paler shades are great for creating a soft and airy feel in smaller or darker rooms. As a neutral base, the flooring is perfect for furniture and accessories that are more ornate or bold in colour. Our Hampstead Oak is perfect for the current trend of grey floors for living rooms, and works just as well with both classic and contemporary decor designs. Alternatively, darker parquet floors make a beautiful contrast to bright white walls. These shades are best suited to larger rooms such as lounges and hallways where they can make a grand statement. Our Eltham Walnut offers a stunning deep tone and subtle natural variations amongst the planks that add plenty of character to any room. Mixing planks and parquet flooring is another effective way to subtly define areas. Our Norma Smoked Oak or Shrewsbury Oak parquet flooring blend into any space, creating a subtle feature that can complement and contrast with a range of design choices. Where to use parquet wood flooring Parquet flooring is a great option throughout your house.  Engineered parquet is best suited for humid areas, such as the bathroom, and should have a lacquered finish that completely seals the floor to prevent water penetration from any leaks or spills. Darker oak parquet blocks make for ideal living room or hallway options, adding instant style and durability. Parquet patterns like herringbone, chevron or mosaid help to create an intricate look that adds an instant 'wow factor'. Engineered parquet flooring is less susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature fluctuations than solid wood, owing to its construction and manufactured finish. This means it can be used in areas like the kitchen more safely than with a solid wood option. There are other benefits too - unlike many solid wood floors, engineered parquet is compatible with underfloor heating, allows for easier methods of installation, and can come in bigger dimensions compared to solid wood. Best finish for parquet flooring Adding a finish - whether varnish, lacquer or oil - can completely change the look of a floor and is an easy way to tie your flooring together with the rest of your decor. Whether you opt for a finished or unfinished option, our parquet flooring caters to your needs. While unfinished flooring allows for a personalised touch and a choice of colour, factory-finished floors boast increased durability, quicker installation (eliminating the need for drying time) and come with a manufacturer's guarantee. The Atkinson & Kirby parquet range comes with a range of finish options, including natural oil, matt lacquer, UV oil and regular lacquer. Choose a complementary shade and finish to completely transform any space. Not sure which colour or shade to go for? Order a free sample (or up to three!) using our sample order form to find the perfect parquet for your next project. Browse the full range of Atkinson & Kirby parquet flooring to find inspiration.     Floors that define your space…

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Atkinson & Kirby partner with Manchester design house, BOBO1325

Leading manufacturers, Atkinson & Kirby and Richard Burbidge, partner with Manchester design house, BOBO1325, to launch a trend-led styling collection to promote timeless maximalism, sustainability and eco-conscious living spaces.  With a shared commitment to sustainability and premium design, renowned hardwood flooring brand Atkinson & Kirby, along with its sister brand Richard Burbidge, the UK's leading supplier of stairparts, decorative mouldings, and decking accessories, have joined forces with BOBO1325. This award-winning design house, based in Manchester, will collaborate with them to launch a new Maximalism-inspired styling collection under the banner of 'Bold’. BOBO1325, founded by designer Beth Travers, is celebrated for its innovative maximalist wallpaper collections. Together, BOBO1325, Atkinson & Kirby and Richard Burbidge embark on a creative journey to inspire designers and homeowners to elevate their living spaces with bold, vibrant, and sustainable interior design. The brands are coming together to explore and promote the timeless trend of Maximalism in interior design. Their collaboration places a strong emphasis on creating sustainable and long-lasting living spaces, aligning with evolving attitudes towards design trends and their sustainability in the world of interior design. Atkinson & Kirby and Richard Burbidge believe that well-considered design plays a significant role in contributing to sustainability. This involves the incorporation of timeless design features achieved through the use of hard-wearing, locally sourced, high-quality materials. As part of this vision, the partnership introduces a series of captivating room designs aimed at inspiring interior designers to infuse their living spaces with colour, pattern, and joy while considering environmental, ecological, and longevity factors. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments, “Offering sustainable and responsibly sourced products is at the forefront of what we do. Combining this ethos with design conscious and trend-led collections is incredibly important to us, so BOBO1325 seemed like the perfect brand to partner with. “The hope of this collection is that it will help designers pick the perfect products for their projects. Our hardwood flooring, stairparts and mouldings can last many years, as many trends come and go. Partnering with BOBO1325 means customers can easily see what products match their home and give rooms a new lease of life in an eco-conscious way.” Both Archwood Group brands and BOBO1325 share a profound commitment to sustainability. Archwood actively participates in the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, dedicated to lowering global emissions. Meanwhile, BOBO1325 stands out for its intricate hand-drawn designs, meticulously crafted using sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices. These designs are brought to life just 20 miles from their Manchester-based studio, printed on FSC certified papers using eco inks. Expressing her enthusiasm, Beth Travers, BOBO1325 Founder, comments: “This is the perfect partnership to encourage customers to embrace mixing textures, patterns, and tones, naturally elevating their interior spaces and curating visually captivating designs that allow their style and personality to shine through. I'm enthusiastic about colour and pattern and hope that, together, the Archwood Group and I can inspire confidence sustainably.” For information about BOBO1325, please visit:  

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The Features of Smoked Floors

Smoked flooring is becoming an increasingly popular wood flooring choice due to its ability to withstand more damage than a non-smoked floor and the unique colours fuming can create. Let’s take a look at the unique features of smoked floors.  What is smoked oak flooring? Fumed or smoked oak flooring has been treated in an enclosed environment to change its colour. Smoking (also known as fuming) is a traditional method for enriching and darkening the floor’s appearance.  This process involves introducing ammonia (ammonium hydroxide solution) into the atmosphere by placing a container with the solution on the floor of the chamber. The ammonia in the atmosphere causes the tannins (tannic acid) in the wood to be brought to the surface, changing the wood’s appearance. The concentration of tannic acid within the wood determines the final colour and appearance of the finished smoke flooring boards. Features of smoked flooring Colour and pattern variation  Variation is a feature of smoked floors, each plank responds differently to the smoking process resulting in a wide range of colours displayed on each plank of flooring. Not every tree, or even every board contains the same quantity of tannic acid, therefore the colour and appearance can vary significantly from board to board and throughout the finished floor. The smoking process gives the floor a varied range of complementary tones which give a completely unique finish and unlimited design options, as no two boards will be exactly the same colour.  Different parts of the wood contain varying amounts of tannic acid and react differently to the process. For example, sapwood typically has a concentration of about 1%, whereas heartwood can contain up to 13%. This means that a board showing fairly high levels of visible sapwood will result in an interesting marbled pattern when smoked, due to the sapwood not changing in colour as much as the rest of the board. Smoking typically creates a rich brown colour. By changing the temperature of the enclosed chamber, the tones in the flooring can be altered. Hotter temperatures can result in red tones, while cooler temperatures typically introduce green tones into the oak. The varying colours between each board allow them to be laid in creative beautiful patterns that become a unique feature of your home adding a real wow factor. To get the best results, we recommend hiring an experienced fitter who can work from at least three packs of smoked oak boards at a time to ensure an even colour distribution throughout the finished floor. Durability Whereas a stain is a colour applied purely to the surface of the oak top layer, the process of smoking flooring creates a chemical change throughout the entire veneer (wear layer). This allows for the board to be sanded and refinished while retaining the original colour of the board. So, unlike stained products, if you scratch the surface of smoked flooring, the colour is not removed. This also means that any scratches in the board won’t show up as much as they would with a stained or natural oak board. When scratches occur in stained and natural boards they can remove some colour, requiring extra maintenance and the sourcing of an oil that matches the original colour. Smoked oak floors are extremely popular in high-traffic areas due to this.  Around 1600m2 of our popular Ness Smoked Oak was selected for the Eden Locke aparthotel developments in Edinburgh. The unique features of a smoked floor mean that the floor will remain in pristine condition for many years to come, even in the busy hotel setting.  Cost-efficiency While smoked flooring boards can cost more than a stained or natural floor, maintenance costs are significantly lower. For example, you won't need to worry about scratches or sourcing a matching dye to patch up damage.  Expert tip: Fuming and smoking both refer to the same process, so 'fumed' and 'smoked' floors are the same type of product! Smoked boards have a unique range of complementary tones and a whole host of benefits making smoked boards an attractive flooring option ideal for modern homes. See our full range of smoked floors here. 

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Top 2024 Decor and Flooring Design Trends

Interior design is shifting away from constantly changing trends and instead embracing a more sustainable, longer-lasting style. One of the significant shifts in design attitudes is the demand for spaces that positively impact personal wellbeing. Our homes have evolved into sanctuaries, where living spaces are crafted to be beautiful, personalised, and mood-boosting. With this in mind, we’ve predicted the décor and flooring designs we expect to be in full force throughout 2024... Hope There's a growing concern about the damage inflicted on our planet, driving a conscious effort to own less, use less, and live more sustainably. 'Hope' is a trend that embraces the beauty of eco-friendly design and materials. Using a calming colour palette of brown, beige, ivory, and earthy greens alongside natural materials help create a calm and serene space. Sustainable living is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice that continues to resonate with more and more homeowners. Locally handcrafted or repurposed materials are becoming a popular choice when it comes to furnishings. Flooring that celebrates the imperfections of raw woods, such as the Mayar Limed Oak, are both environmentally friendly and unique in aesthetic. Likewise, Eton Oak parquet flooring is a white-washed wood that offers a rustic grade and coastal feel against soft textures. Bold Where we have seen Maximalism as a trend gain popularity over the last few years, we are now seeing more Minimalism combined within the same spaces. Having a statement wall or powerful piece of art or furniture stands out all the more against a minimalist area. We like to call this, ‘undone Maximalism’. This trend seeks to find a balance between the bold, layered aesthetics of maximalism and the clean, uncluttered essence of minimalism. The goal is to craft a visually engaging and expressive space while ensuring comfort and liveability. When it comes to flooring, deep toned parquet like Westminster Oak pairs well with vibrant colour palettes but maintains a traditional, vintage style. The rich toned timber of Sloane Smoked Oak brings a luxurious antique feel, especially when combined with vintage pieces, adding a touch of history, nostalgia, and tranquillity to a space.  Joy The home really is a sacred place. A world of upheaval means people are resistant to change at home, but anything that can deliver a hit of pleasure or comfort is always welcome. This is why we expect to see a preference for bright colours, fun accessories and a touch of the trivial this year. ‘Joy’ is about creating spaces that ignite happiness, combining bold, vibrant colours, whimsical patterns and playful elements. Let homeware do the talking, with a mixture of textiles from cushions, blankets and throws to eclectic rugs and lampshades. Pairing muted flooring with minimal knots such as Manoa Oak is the ideal way to enhance bold interiors. Whilst Optilock parquet flooring like the Sonoran Oak can be useful for quick installations and inject a sense of playfulness and energy into the home.  Harmony As we spend more time at home, many of us are increasingly drawn to incorporating nature to improve our wellbeing. By taking a more laidback approach to interiors and home furnishings, this trend embraces an effortless look, which is just as impactful. Incorporating the balance of imperfections, whilst creating a warm inviting space is the ideal way to introduce character and charm, whilst also adding interest. 'Harmony' embodies mindfulness, simplicity, functionality, comfort, and style. It melds organic shapes and textures—like unique ceramics, asymmetrical lanterns, and wood or stone furnishings—to cultivate a warm minimalism, fostering peace in clutter-free living areas. Smoked wood flooring is making a 21st-century comeback as homeowners pine for mellower and more laidback designs. Atkinson & Kirby’s environmentally certified low maintenance wood flooring means homeowners can incorporate sleek Japandi-inspired designs that are self-sustaining. Wyvis Smoked Oak’s natural tones are timeless and will compliment any décor in years to come. Download our Trend Insights guide for 2024 here

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