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We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Investors in People Awards 2023

We are incredibly proud to announce that Archwood Group has been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Investors in People Awards 2023. The Investors in People Awards celebrates and rewards organisations that are committed to improving the work environment for their employees. This is a significant achievement for the business and a brilliant acknowledgement of our hard-working HR team. It signifies that we not only recognise the importance of employee wellbeing but have also taken substantial steps to make it an integral part of our corporate culture. It also serves as recognition for our team’s ongoing dedication to creating a workplace where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.  Earlier this year, we also received the organisation’s ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ gold accreditation for our dedication to looking after our employee’s mental health and welfare. The accreditation followed the work we’ve been doing towards our new wellbeing strategy, which ensures all of our employees receive equal opportunities and have dedicated spaces to work, as well as socialise. Helping to improve the overall wellbeing of all of our employees has been one of the core focuses for our fantastic HR team over the past two years, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, we worked to ensure we could protect employee welfare and monitor how our team could work safely together within the workplace. As a family-run business, employees always come first at Archwood Group and this is reflected within all parts of our workplace and team, from our North Wales-based factory in Chirk, to our Scotland base and all of our brilliant employees working around the UK. The Investors in People Awards 2023 will take place on the 14th of November. Good luck team! To find out more, please visit:

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Chirk Youth Under 10s Kick Off Season with Archwood Group's Support

Archwood Group, a leading manufacturer of timber products, has announced its latest sponsorship venture with Chirk Youth Under 10s football team. As a company deeply committed to community engagement and supporting local initiatives, the group has proudly donated team kits for the upcoming 2023/24 season. Based in Chirk, North Wales, Archwood Group is a family-owned, professionally run company and a prominent manufacturer of timber products, encompassing two well-known trading brands: Richard Burbidge and Atkinson & Kirby. The business has recently sponsored the local youth football team to provide new kits ready to kick off the season and reinforce the group’s community engagement. Youth clubs and Grassroots football play a vital role in helping young people build confidence, stay healthy, cultivate lifelong friendships, and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Archwood Group recognises the importance of investing in such initiatives that promote the well-being and development of the youth in local communities. Expressing his enthusiasm, Jay James, Team Manager at Chirk Youth FC, comments: "We are incredibly thankful to Archwood Group for their support. Their donation of team kits is a tremendous boost for our young players, and it reinforces our sense of belonging to the local community. With their backing, we look forward to a successful and enjoyable season." Archwood Group also serves as a sponsor for Chirk AAA FC, actively supporting the club's daily operations and facility maintenance. Chirk AAA FC holds a special place in the hearts of its supporters, and Archwood Group is proud to stand alongside them. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments “At Archwood, we believe in supporting initiatives that bring people together and promote well-being in our community. We are proud to partner with local organisations and invest in projects that have a positive impact on the lives of our neighbours. Our commitment to community engagement extends beyond our business operations, and we are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations who share our values.” Archwood Group wishes Chirk Youth Under 10s every success for the upcoming season and remains committed to strengthening its ties with the local community through continued support for initiatives that make a positive impact.  

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The timeless 'Rich' Trend

In recent years, the world of interior design has undergone a shift in attitudes towards trends and their longevity. Many designers are moving away from encouraging constant changes to spaces and instead opting for more enduring, timeless styles. Our 'Rich' trend draws upon retro themes and pattern play, adding a timeless feel to modern interiors. Characterised by vivid and daring colour palettes, paired with gleaming metallic accents, lavish furnishings, and bold geometric patterns, our ‘Rich’ trend makes a powerful statement. This interior design style exudes opulence and decadence, reminiscent of Art Deco-inspired design – an equally timeless style, especially when incorporated into a contemporary setting. Picture the comforting atmosphere of a high-end country house hotel, complete with its panelled rooms, plush curtains, antique treasures, and inviting log-burning fireplaces. This isn't just a passing trend; it's a design approach that stands the test of time. How can you achieve this trend with Atkinson & Kirby flooring? Bringing the ‘Rich’ trend into your space is easy with Atkinson & Kirby. Not only is wood flooring a long-lasting, timeless option, but it’s also a sustainable one, and a more environmentally conscious approach to interior design is always in. Opting for a deep-toned hardwood floor might be considered a bold step, but it’s also a timeless, sophisticated interior choice that exudes luxury. Deeper shades of wood enliven the contrast in a room, making colours pop and adding to its warmth and comfort. Choosing a 'Select' grade wood from Atkinson & Kirby guarantees an attention to detail that complements the 'Rich' trend flawlessly. The intricate grain patterns, minimal faults, and lush, dark staining of Hackfall Oak captures that historic house look. Incorporating parquet also adds an additional layer of interest to the overall design, serving as a captivating focal point. Multi-toned parquet flooring in particular, such as Sloane Smoked Oak and Eltham Walnut, help to form a rich and indulgent space. The view the full Atkinson & Kirby collection, please visit: Floors that define your space…  

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Where to start with wood flooring?

So, you’ve decided on the timeless elegance of wooden flooring for your space. What next? When choosing wooden flooring, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast range of different wood, grades, hues, finishes, and materials, all of which will determine the overall appearance and atmosphere of your space. It may feel like an impossible task, but at Atkinson & Kirby, you can rest assured that any flooring you pick will achieve the upmost quality and durability. Here’s a few of our expert insights to help you along the way… Grade The grade of hardwood is determined during the selection process of the natural logs. The timber is sorted into groups based on its appearance and the presence of knots, splits, grain and colour variances. Here at Atkinson & Kirby, we offer five grades: Prime, Select, Natural, Rustic and Super Rustic. For a more uniform and clean appearance, Prime grade is an excellent choice as it can add a sleek elegance to any space. The light hues and minimalist features of Haldon Maple create a subtly natural appearance. Our Super Rustic grade provides character, with large knots and splits creating a one-of-a-kind flooring that brings the raw imperfections of nature into your space. Finsbury Oak creates a luxury feel in any space due to its rich colouring and characterful appearance. Materials Here at Atkinson & Kirby, we supply both engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. Engineered boards are made up of multiple layers of timber, making them more versatile and reliable. Engineered boards have grown in popularity due to their versatility and compatibility with under floor heating. Our engineered hardwood flooring is available in a range of different materials such as oak, maple and walnut. The more traditional choice of solid boards allows for more sanding and refinishing, meaning they can maintain their timeless elegance over many years. However, we don’t recommend hardwood flooring for areas exposed to water, such as bathrooms. Lighting The appearance of the same wood flooring can differ greatly depending on the décor and lighting in the space. We source a variety of differently hued timber for our flooring, allowing us to produce a range of colours. From Sandur Oak which contains cooler, grey tones, to the warm, light hues of Lomond Oak - there are options to complement any colour scheme! The varied tones present in all of our timber can be brought out by different light and space, meaning that the same flooring can look very different from one room to another. Warm light, whether it’s artificial or natural, accentuates the warm hues in the wood, whereas cooler lighting and bright artificial light will bring out grey/blue tones in the flooring. It is important to consider the degree of natural light in a room when choosing flooring. Paler or white washed planks such as Baltra Oak can add a spacious, light and airy feel to rooms that are smaller or have limited natural light. For larger, well-lit spaces, darker flooring such as Drumochter Walnut can add a timeless luxury to your home. For more advice on choosing your perfect floor, please visit: For more general how-to guides and advice, please visit:

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The rise of the 'Craft' trend

The interior design-sphere has seen a particular rise in upcycling over recent years, especially throughout the months of lockdown, where TikTok DIY trends become popular. However, this is a trend that has stuck and continued to grow, with crafted pieces, artisanal textures and pre-loved furniture becoming a preferred approach when it comes to decorating. Our ‘Craft’ trend incorporates the idea of regenerating materials to create modern twists whilst also promoting sustainability and more eco-conscious designs, all of which reduce waste. The trend calls back to the days where all our items were handmade and superfluous décor was seen to be unnecessary. Much of the inspiration behind the trend comes from nature and sustainably led lifestyles which embrace flora and fauna. With a colour palette which is dominated by shades of green and muted tones, natural materials such as bamboo, coral and wool. How can you achieve this trend in your home with Atkinson & Kirby? Not only is wood flooring a long-lasting, low-maintenance option, it’s also a sustainable one. In line with this trend’s focus on eco-conscious design, our FSC approved timber ensures you are incorporating natural, sustainably sourced materials within your space. Rustic and warm-toned flooring compliments the ‘Craft’ trend perfectly. Combining aged oaks and high contrast brushed grain with traditionally pegged planks and the geometric patterns of parquet. Paired with featured wall murals, contemporary hand-crafted ceramics, botanical accents, wall panels and stained-glass art. Varying in mid to dark tones, from Hackfall Oak to Finger Jointed Oak, their aged oak and well-polished finishes help to elevate this creative look. Whilst the walnut tones of Westminster Oak and Congaree Smoked Oak, which is available in both plank and herringbone, add warmth to a room, as well as add character through its rustic grade. The view the full Atkinson & Kirby collection, please visit:  

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Archwood Group Proudly Sponsors the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team

Archwood Group, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team, furthering its commitment to creating a positive impact in the local community. Based in Llangollen, North Wales, the Dragons are set to flourish with the support of Archwood Group, contributing to their growth and development.  Archwood Group, a family-owned and professionally run company, is a leading manufacturer of timber products, encompassing two well-known trading brands: Richard Burbidge and Atkinson & Kirby. By aligning itself with the values of the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team, Archwood Group reinforces its dedication to quality and community engagement. Established in July 2021 by a group of passionate local residents, the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team is a new community-based initiative aiming to provide accessible netball opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels. Under the guidance of club chair Becky Roberts, the Dragons train and host friendly matches on Wednesday evenings at the Llangollen Leisure Centre. As the most popular women's team sport, netball continues to experience significant growth, and the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team is determined to play an active role in expanding its reach. The club has established strong ties with Ysgol Dinas Bran, the local high school, to encourage younger players to join and develop their skills. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Archwood Group, the Dragons have been able to invest in essential netball equipment and purchase training jackets. Expressing her enthusiasm, club chair Becky Roberts stated: "We are fully committed to offering flexible and accessible netball opportunities to our local community, be it in social games or competitive league matches. Our invaluable partnership with Dinas Bran and the Llangollen Leisure Centre has been instrumental in our journey, and we eagerly anticipate the future development of our club." The club's committee, comprised of five founding members, shares a deep-rooted passion for netball. Despite not having played the sport for an extended period since their school days, they have rediscovered their love for it and formed close-knit friendships through the club. The Dragons have been immensely grateful for the support received from Archwood Group, which has allowed them to bring a diverse group of individuals together, fostering lifelong connections. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of the Archwood Group said: “At Archwood, we believe in supporting initiatives that bring people together and promote well-being in our community. It's especially meaningful to us because one of our employees, Emily Burgoyne, played a pivotal role in founding the club. We are proud to contribute to their mission of providing accessible netball opportunities and fostering strong friendships within our community." For more information about the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team and their activities please email:

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