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Polzeath Beach Cottages

Project Details

Project Name: Polzeath Beach Cottages; Chyanna House, Gwel Trelsa and Polsted

Location: Polzeath, Cornwall

Application: Residential

Product: Manoa Oak

Collection: Contemporary

Contractor: Elsante

Located in Polzeath, an idyllic surf haven on the North coast of Cornwall, the beach cottages offer a breathtaking coastal retreat. 

The award-winning self-catering accommodation provider offers a stunning portfolio of North Cornish holiday homes. Atkinson & Kirby oak flooring was used in Elsante Estates Group Ltd’s new development comprising three cottages: Chyanna, Gwel Trelsa, and Polsted.

Designed and spearheaded by Elsante, the four-storey cottages boast an unrivalled beachside location. Newly constructed, the development was architecturally designed to maximise the blissful views across Polzeath beach.

Fully-glazed end gables with floor to ceiling windows give panoramic views of the sea and sky, while the contemporary open plan living rooms, complete with wood-burning stoves, are washed in natural light. The upper floor incorporates an ingenious cushioned sky hammock suspended over the galleried void, providing the perfect place to relax and gaze at the uninterrupted view across the Atlantic Ocean.

As the picturesque coastal surroundings and abundance of natural light were central to the architectural design, it was important that the interior took advantage of these aspects of the development. Along with the floor to ceiling windows and neutral colour palette, the flooring was integral to achieving the light and spacious interior.

Leading hardwood flooring brand, Atkinson & Kirby, was selected to supply this project. Fitted by Orchard Construction, Manoa Oak from Atkinson & Kirby’s Contemporary collection was used throughout the three cottages. The flooring complements the chic interior decor and golden sandy views, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Manoa Oak is a popular choice for open plan residential properties as the delicate grain seeps through the chalky finish, creating a bright and airy aesthetic.

Guy Taylor, Managing Director at Elsante, comments on the project: “We wanted to create a perfect space in a perfect place. With UK staycations on the rise, these houses offer an unrivalled coastal retreat, thanks to innovative architectural and interior design choices. Atkinson & Kirby's Manoa Oak was the ideal choice for the development, enhancing the light and bright space.”

The houses are available to rent through Latitude 50. For more information about Polzeath beach cottages, visit their website.

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