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Mansion House, Edinburgh Zoo

Project Details

Project Name: Mansion House

Location: Edinburgh

Product: Congaree Smoked Oak 

Collection: Parquet

Installer: McGarry Flooring

Nestled within 82 acres of picturesque parkland at the heart of Edinburgh Zoo, the historic Mansion House stands as a testament to over 200 years of captivating history and timeless tradition, creating an impressive and uniquely versatile setting for events. 

Steeped in a legacy dating back to 1720, the Mansion House has undergone significant evolution over the years. In 1793, accountant William Keith reimagined it as a family residence, while the Macmillan family, in 1891, bestowed upon it a traditional baronial makeover.

Fast forward to 1912, marking a pivotal shift with the involvement of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. Guided by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1913, the Mansion House underwent visionary changes. Today, it stands as a captivating event venue, seamlessly merging its historic narrative with contemporary charm, making it an ideal venue for weddings and conferences.

Within its walls, the interior of the Mansion House unveils a sophisticated design that echoes its rich history. The MacMillan room, a testament to the family's influence, captivates with a beautiful fireplace, intricate crown mouldings, providing a complimentary backdrop to the panoramic views of the Pentland Hills.

In keeping with the history of Mansion House, Atkinson & Kirby's Parquet PAR1022 Congaree Smoked Oak flooring was expertly installed and fitted throughout the house by McGarry Flooring.  Parquet wood flooring dates back hundreds of years to when it was originally installed in grand estates, so it’s no surprise that our parquet flooring looks so at home in Mansion House today.

Finished in rich shades of burnt toffee, the Congaree Smoked Oak lends a substantial and reassuringly traditional feel to any space. With its dark toffee tones and unique knots and splits, the parquet flooring adds character and an aged feel to the space, enhancing the overall charm of the house.

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