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Lighthouse Children's Home, London

Project Details

Project Name: Lighthouse Children's Home

Location: London

Product: Carron Oak

Architect: Conrad Koslowsky Architects

The Lighthouse Pedagogical Trust is a charity that creates inviting homes where children can thrive. The Lighthouse Children’s Home in Sutton, London, has been designed with its purpose in mind, providing a safe and cosy home for up to six children.

The Lighthouse Pedagogical Trust was founded by Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang in 2017 to set up children’s homes that allow children equal care opportunities. They teamed up with Conrad Koslowsky Architects, who fulfilled the brief by creating a safe home where both children in care and care leavers can thrive.

The home was created with security and comfort in mind, being made to feel like a home, not an institution. Starting off as a derelict retirement home, the design team have expertly transformed the building into a modern yet cosy home space.

Featuring six generous bedrooms, complete with en-suite bathrooms, for 12–17-year-olds, a dedicated sleeping-in room for overnight staff and two flexible flats on the second floor for care leavers with more independence, aged from 16+. The double kitchen provides room for thriving young cooks and the two large living rooms encourage play, education and relaxation.

The soundscape and layout of the building were carefully considered, with all living rooms having two exit routes to reduce feelings of entrapment for children. Deep thresholds with acoustic treatment serve to create extra privacy and a serene atmosphere.

Conrad Koslowsky focused on durability when developing the home, as opposed to other children’s homes he visited, which used cheap materials in anticipation of their replacement. The quality materials used throughout create a warm and playful feel; the doors and their frames are solid oak, providing sturdy and beautiful finishes.

Atkinson & Kirby’s Carron Oak flooring was installed throughout the property. The timeless elegance and rustic appearance of the timber adds to the homely feel of the space. Paired with warm décor and cosy architecture, Carron Oak provides a welcoming feel to the home. The visible grain and natural knots of the wood also help to add a sense of familiarity to the space.

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