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Modern Revival – The love of the classic inspires a new generation

Unlike trends seen on the catwalk that change with the seasons, the style of your home needs to stand the test of time. In addition, it needs to work seamlessly through the seasons and not look add in the depths of winter or the height of summer. The next and final trend that we will be looking at does just that.

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Organic Future – The fusion of nature and tech in harmony

We understand that the design of your home is an extension of your personal style. Transferring your style into your home can be tricky to get right. To give you a helping hand we have been looking at what trends for the home are going to be big this season. We have compiled a list of four very different trends and selected flooring to help you achieve the look you desire. In previous posts we have delved deeper into ‘Homeland’ which takes its inspiration from the past and ‘Winter Desert’ which is influenced by the Middle East.

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Winter Desert – Inspired by ancient craft and far away cultures

At Atkinson & Kirby we understand that you want to style your home in the latest trends and contemporary designs. We strive to provide you with flooring that compliments, accentuates and becomes the centrepiece of your living space. We have worked alongside analysts to highlight four key trends that we believe are going to be big this season. In this blog, the second in the series, the focus is going to be on the trend ‘Winter Desert’.

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Homeland – Celebrating the beauty in form and function

The key to achieving a good design is to look at the journey of a trend and how it has evolved. At Atkinson & Kirby we actively seek out the latest trends in interiors and look at what is just over the horizon to ensure we can you the latest in contemporary design. In a series of articles we are giving you the lowdown on four key trends that we have highlighted are going to be big this season. The first one that we want to look at in more detail is ‘Homeland’.

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