Winter Desert – Inspired by ancient craft and far away cultures

At Atkinson & Kirby we understand that you want to style your home in the latest trends and contemporary designs. We strive to provide you with flooring that compliments, accentuates and becomes the centrepiece of your living space. We have worked alongside analysts to highlight four key trends that we believe are going to be big this season. In this blog, the second in the series, the focus is going to be on the trend ‘Winter Desert’.

Winter Desert is designed to take you on a journey along the Old Silk Road. It calls to the ‘urban nomad’ and connects to an ancient, meditative way of living. Winter Desert is focused on natural materials and a blend of cultures that provide a comforting layer as an antidote to hectic modern life.

Get the look

The colours in this trend conjure up images of winter bazaars. The flooring products in this trend have earthen natural tones of the Middle East including sand and greys. To add warmth and comfort use furnishings and accessories in rich jewel tones with splashings of brass. Winter Desert is designed to evoke a meditative mood which will be helped by the use of soft fabrics and cosy spaces.

If you combine the natural tones of our engineered floor with sandy colours on the walls it gives you a great neutral palette to build upon. Adding furnishings in colours and textures associated with the Middle East will help to achieve the Winter Desert look. As the trend evolves the neutral palette of the wall and floors allows you to adapt with it

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