Which flooring do I use…and where?

As the UK’s leading flooring experts, Atkinson & Kirby understand the importance of the different types of flooring most suited to the different areas of your home.

By identifying the areas that need to be able to handle a lot of traffic, such as hallways and living rooms, a more durable flooring that can resist wear and tear is advised.

A solid, dense wood such as Oak is the perfect example of this. The greater the density, the more resistant to scratches and wear. This type of wood is also classically beautiful and will add considerable value to your home.




Another room which can take a take a bashing from lots of traffic and spills is of course the kitchen.

Engineered timber boards are fine to use in a kitchen although spills need to be mopped up quickly. A more robust flooring is Luxury Vinyl. The embossed in register finish on the Atkinson & Kirby range makes it look and feel like real wood. Add to this that it is water resistant and more cost effective than wood flooring it make the perfect addition to any family home.




There’s no room in the house that requires water resistant flooring more than the bathroom, ensuring it is easy to clean and maintain. Again, Atkinson and Kirby’s Luxury Vinyl floorings are the perfect solution. Vinyl tiles are designed to look like stone or ceramic tiles with a textured finish. Unlike wood floors Vinyl floors can be used in bathrooms and not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they can create the illusion a room is much bigger.