What is FSC certified timber, and why should you care?

2019 is the year of the ‘conscious consumer’. From Greggs’ vegan sausage roll to Nike’s support of the ostracised NFL player Colin Kaepernick, brands nationally and internationally are aligning themselves with a consumer demand for responsible, ethical practices.

Responsible and ethical practices are important to us at Atkinson & Kirby too, and that’s why we already have a large number of FSC certified products in our range and are working on the remaining ones.

According to the WWF, human impacts have already led to the loss of around 40 per cent of the world’s forests, and an area the size of a football pitch is still being destroyed every second. In their words, ‘protecting and restoring forests has never been more important’.

It is reassuring to consumers, architects and specifiers alike, then, that WWF places its trust in the Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and recommends it to consumers, forest managers, and businesses. It’s important to consider the benefits of FSC timber when planning any scheme or development.

The FSC promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Using FSC certified wood signifies to your customers, and – by extension – their customers, that you have taken a responsible approach to sourcing materials.

We clearly show which of our products at Atkinson & Kirby are FSC certified. Choosing these products offers reassurance that the timber used comes from forests which adhere to the FSC’s 10 rules for responsible forest management. These include maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of workers and local communities; maintaining, conserving or restoring ecosystems and mitigating any negative impact of forestry; and abiding by all applicable laws, regulations and nationally-ratified international treaties, conventions and agreements.

And once FSC-certified timber leaves the forest, it must be controlled as it makes a journey through the supply chain in order to secure an FSC Chain of Custody Certification. This reassures those making a purchase that not only has FSC timber been forested responsibly, but throughout its processing, manufacturing and distribution, those responsible practices have been maintained.

As we work with timber on a daily basis we are perhaps more aware of our environmental impact than some other companies.  We are constantly working with our supply chain to ensure that our products and actions are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Are you interested to learn more about timber and the impact it can have on the environment? Why not register your interest in our ‘Wood Materials’ CPD, register here https://akirby.co.uk/our-customers/architects-and-specifiers/cpd-seminars