Organic Future – The fusion of nature and tech in harmony

We understand that the design of your home is an extension of your personal style. Transferring your style into your home can be tricky to get right. To give you a helping hand we have been looking at what trends for the home are going to be big this season. We have compiled a list of four very different trends and selected flooring to help you achieve the look you desire. In previous posts we have delved deeper into ‘Homeland’ which takes its inspiration from the past and ‘Winter Desert’ which is influenced by the Middle East.

Here we’re going to be talking to you about the cleanest trend ‘Organic Future’. This trend is all about the amalgamation of the technical and futuristic with the ecological. The thoughts behind Organic Future lie in the belief that being closer to nature is the key to wellbeing.

Get the look

Organic Future has its roots in the theory of the Utopian Ideal but is carefully blended with a technical aesthetic. The tones used in this trend are light and clean. Most of the flooring that sits in this trend are white and grey. If you don’t want something quite so daring there are also light oaks featured. The paler colours help to exude an air of tranquillity, relaxation and an air of space in your home.

This trend works well in small rooms as lighter floors make a room seem bigger. However, in larger rooms the light tones could make a room seem cold and uninviting. To avoid this tap into the nature element of the trend by accenting and accessorising with shades of green and leafy patterns.

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