Modern Revival – The love of the classic inspires a new generation

Unlike trends seen on the catwalk that change with the seasons, the style of your home needs to stand the test of time. In addition, it needs to work seamlessly through the seasons and not look add in the depths of winter or the height of summer. The next and final trend that we will be looking at does just that.

For the final post in the series we are talking about the ‘Modern Revival’ trend. Modern Revival is about taking the best styles of the early 20th Century and adding a confident and contemporary twist. The finished look should be glamorous and romantic yet simple and strong.  The basis of Modern Revival is to have contrasting elements that complement each other. The contrasts mean that different elements stand out at different times resulting in a seamless transition throughout the year.

Get the look

The colours in this trend, although they may be seen as vintage, are timeless and classic. The flooring in this trend has been chosen to radiate glamour with its dark tones. The key to really achieving the look of modern revival is to furnish your home with rich colours such as mustard, teal and purple.

If you fear that your room may look small and dark use gold and brass to add some shine and to reflect light. This trend tends to work best in large rooms with lots of light but when done cleverly can work equally well in smaller rooms.

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