How To Fit Skirting Board

The floor is the foundation that an interior design is built on, it sets the tone and mood for your space. Adding skirting board allows you to keep your Atkinson & Kirby flooring in pristine condition, while looking aesthetically beautiful.

Skirting board covers the expansion gap between your flooring and the wall to create a neater finish. Wood is a natural product and has the ability to expand and contract. When installing flooring it’s important to leave a sufficient expansion gap, ensure you choose skirting that is thick enough to cover this gap. Fitting skirting after your flooring is always preferred as it is visually more professional, removing existing skirting prior to fitting.

Click here to view our easy to follow guide and advice on how to install skirting board. This guide is for pine or primed MDF skirting, it is not recommended for pre-finished skirting.

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