Homeland – Celebrating the beauty in form and function

The key to achieving a good design is to look at the journey of a trend and how it has evolved. At Atkinson & Kirby we actively seek out the latest trends in interiors and look at what is just over the horizon to ensure we can you the latest in contemporary design.

In a series of articles we are giving you the lowdown on four key trends that we have highlighted are going to be big this season. The first one that we want to look at in more detail is ‘Homeland’.

Homeland is all about embracing the history of WWI but combining it with a contemporary lifestyle. It’s a new take on the utilitarian and embraces functionality with a love of handmade and craft. The heart of the Homeland trend is to strip everything back to solid functionality. Additions of elements of nature ensure that Homeland doesn’t feel too industrial or sparse.

Get the look

The colours that form this trend are entrenched in nature. For flooring you should opt for mid to dark toned wooden boards or concrete effect vinyl tiles. To soften the industrial nature of the look, furnish the room with soft slouchy furniture with curved edges and accents of brass. Homeland is the trend where the industrial and natural meet so plants with lots of green foliage in rough textured pots will work well in your room.

A dark floor, which works best in this trend, can sometimes make a room look and feel smaller. For large rooms this can be a benefit as it gives the room a cosy feel, making the trend ideal. If however you have smaller rooms, paint the walls in a lighter shade and try and stick to a single colour in different tones for the furnishings to really let the floor stand out.

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