50 Shades of Flooring

One of the great things about wood flooring is that the options are endless. Hardwood flooring comes in many different colours, styles, species and looks, which means it works in any room, in any home and this immense variety means wood flooring never really goes out of style and is a great investment.


Durable and long-lasting, the wide variety of hardwood flooring colours and shades can instantly change the style and ambience of any room.  


With the continued demand for stylish, hardwood flooring designs, we have worked closely with leading trend forecasting consultancy, Trend Bible, to create trend led flooring designs to ensure there is a style for every customer.


Those with minimal tastes are leaning towards weathered natural textures, rustic materials and bleached woods to create a connection to the landscape, as well as smoked floors with earthen quality, which makes for a calming and ground space.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, after years of ‘scandi’ minimalism, bright and playful yet sophisticated antidotes are coming into play. Using grey and white tones throughout homes allows light to reflect and open up the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.


Retro styles are inspiring the trend of rich warm sheens, pink tinged timbers and decorative patterns for a combination of style with comfort. Parquet flooring, the mid-century style with a twist is the art of inlaying intricate wood blocks into flooring, traces its origins back to the 1600s, in Versailles, as an alternative to marble flooring. It continued to be popular until its demise sometime in the 20th century. However, it’s now having a huge comeback as parquet flooring remains a warm, sturdy and versatile option for modern living areas. 


Josh Burbidge, Flooring Director at Atkinson & Kirby, said: “Parquet flooring has had a huge revival as it echoes timeless quality - it also means customers can add some personality and subtle pattern into their home.


“Finding the right flooring is crucial when renovating a home as it’s the focus point of décor. The shade of a flooring sets the tone for the entire ambiance of a room; for an open and calming room, the shade of wood should be lighter, to create a cosy, warming environment, dark tones are better suited.”


You can see our wide range of hardwood flooring here. Floor pictured is Epsom Oak.