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Choosing your Perfect Floor

When selecting the right floor for your project, there are several considerations to be made.


When making the choice between solid and engineered hardwood flooring you must consider the suitability. Engineered boards have grown in popularity over the years as an excellent alternative to solid wood, engineered boards boast superior stability, versatility and use a smaller amount of eco-precious hardwood. Unlike solid wood, engineered boards are composed of multiple layers of timber, as a result engineered wood is compatible with under-floor heating and can be used in kitchens and basements as it's more dependable. Solid boards are the traditional choice offering a thicker wear layer allowing the boards to be sanded and refinished many times. Also consider the installation method, each floor has a recommended method. We don't recommend hardwood flooring for bathrooms or areas exposed to water.


The grade of hardwood is set when the natural logs are selected, the timber is grouped according to the number and nature of features, like knots, splits, grain and colour variances. We offer five grades: Prime, Select, Natural, Rustic and Super Rustic. Prime has the cleanest most uniform appearance, down to Super Rustic given to our most characterful boards, with large knots and splits being a prominent feature of these floors.


The choice of finish determines the overall aesthetic of the floor. Our finish options include oiled and lacquered. Generally speaking oiled floors have a natural matt finish, while lacquered boards give your floor a subtle shine. You should also consider the surface of the floor, with smooth and brushed being our most common surface options, we also supply hand-scraped and saw cut floors for a highly on-trend 'craft' look. Unfinished boards are supplied for finishing in-situ. The edge style of boards has an impact on the overall look of a finished floor. A bevelled edge offers a distinctive depth, while a square edge provides a seamless surface.


The colour and shade can help set the tone for the whole look and mood of your space. Rustic warm mid tones can create a vintage ambience, whereas Scandinavian influenced pale woods give a fresh, light, modern effect. Dark floors can work well in larger areas, and can be both historic or ultra-modern in appearance. Smaller rooms, or rooms lacking natural lights tend to benefit from pale or bleached tones helping to create a feeling of open space. Of course personal preference is a major factor, and our comprehensive range of timbers means your perfect floor is right here waiting for you.


At Atkinson & Kirby, we are proud to hold an extensive list of environmental accreditations so you can be sure you're getting the most sustainable high-quality floor. It's always important to consider the environment when choosing your flooring. Engineered boards use less eco-precious timber making them the most environmentally friendly option. Oak has the incredible ability to withstand the test of time. Taking the time to care for your floor will increase its longevity, making it even more sustainable.

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