House to Home Competition Winner

Friday, September 23, 2016

House to Home Winner

Atkinson & Kirby recently ran a competition in conjunction with House to Home, offering one lucky homeowner to win £500 worth of their luxury flooring. Marilyn  from Penzance was absolutely delighted to be chosen as the winner.

Marilyn commented: “I can’t believe I’ve won this amazing prize. I entered a few competitions to while away the time, but I never really expected to win anything.”

The beauty of the competition was that Atkinson & Kirby didn’t limit the winner to a specific range or style of flooring; so whether they wanted solid wood, engineered, laminate or vinyl, the winner was encouraged to peruse the ranges available and pick their favourite.

After some deliberation, Marilyn chose to go with the Oak Wood series, with radiator pipe covers and Scotia to match.

As a gesture of good will, along with the eleven packs of flooring, a roll of vinyl underlay was thrown in free of charge to help Marilyn complete her project.

Due to some personal reasons, Marilyn and her husband decided to delay the fitting of the flooring and redecorate the room before installation took place. However, the flooring has now been fitted and they are delighted with the result!

Marilyn added: “This is a wonderful treat that we could never have afforded otherwise. We finally got the flooring fitted last week and it has completely transformed our room! We’d like to say a big thank you to Atkinson & Kirby!”