Classic parquet gives a bespoke look

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Paul Martin, Group Product Marketing Manager of the Archwood Group, which includes leading flooring brand Atkinson & Kirby, looks at key trends that are transforming the flooring industry. 

The flooring industry operates in swings and roundabouts when it comes to style, from the bold colours and patterns of the 60s/70s, through to the simple, yet luxurious carpets that paved the way in the millennium. We are now entering the era of wooden flooring, incorporating the bold patterns of the retro years.

Looking back over the past decade, laminate flooring has dominated the industry due to three key factors: it’s easy to install, easy to maintain and cheaper than hardwood. However, hardwood and engineered flooring have started to over take in popularity due to the versatility, and the ability to easily instil a sense of character into a variety of settings. Due to the increase in popularity and the wide range of hardwood on offer, it is more affordable than in previous years.

The beauty of wood flooring lies in its durability, as block flooring in particular is harder wearing because of its solid structure. The wear layer allows the flooring to be sanded down and returned to its original state, unlike other flooring types such as laminate. This means that it does not have to be replaced as frequently.

Parquet FlooringAtkinson and Kirby Classic Parquet

In a similar vein, the great tradition of parquet flooring has been somewhat ignored in recent years as interior design has tended to focus more on minimalist styles. However, the art of parquet flooring, which uses block patterns, rather than planks of wood has not be forgotten and is now making a come back.

The original style was famous back in 1864, but this time round it has a contemporary twist. Parquet incorporates the versatility of hardwood floors, but also adds in a unique block pattern making it an ideal solution for architects who are looking for something a little bit different for their clients.

Block flooring is relatively easy to install, and the pattern combinations that can be created are numerous. Flooring manufacturers offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles, combined with a variety of finishes, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

For creating a bespoke look, the single block thickness of parquet flooring is perfect for merging different colour combinations. This gives architects the freedom to be creative in regard to space and the design of parquet flooring is ideal for creating chill-out zones in pubs, restaurants, offices, and alike.

The new Renaissance range of parquet flooring by Atkinson & Kirby features ten standard contemporary colours, and is available in three finishes: oiled, brushed or lacquered. The bespoke option on this range allows for the mix and match of colours to create a unique contemporary or period pattern. The range includes a range of high quality profile trims and accessories to make the application as quick and simple as possible.

Epsom ThevesaRugby Brushed White Oil

Atkinson & Kirby also offer a bespoke matching service, whereby the company can match the exact colour required, in a matter of weeks. The majority of wood floor ranges from Atkinson and Kirby come with a 12mm wear layer that allows for the flooring to be sanded and returned to its original state time and time again, without compromising on quality.

For more information on Atkinson and Kirby’s Renaissance range and other flooring ranges, please call 01695 573234.