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Floors for Thought


Celebrating the beauty in form and function

Homeland encapsulates the growing desire to embrace history in a contemporary lifestyle. This trend is about stripping things back to solid functionality, to uncover the beauty of the utilitarian.

Winter Desert

Inspired by ancient craft and far away cultures

Winter Desert appeals to the 'urban nomad' and connects with ancient ways of living.



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Engineered boards are constructed of 3 cross grain layers of wood. This makes the boards more stable that solid wood.

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Solid boards are the oldest and most traditional method of hardwood floors. The boards are made out of one solid block of wood.

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Vinyl tiles are designed to look like stone or ceramic tiles with a textured finish. Unlike wood floors Vinyl floors can be used in bathrooms.

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Parquet engineered boards echo the timeless quality that can still be seen in floors that were laid long ago. Crucially, Atkinson & Kirby Parquet has the added modern advantage of stability and suitability for a range of substrates and underfloor heating. With the options of herringbone and chevron patterns and outstanding tonal choice, you’re free to be absolutely on trend, perfectly traditional or anywhere in between.

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The direct result of our continuing work to identify and analyse trends worldwide, the
Contemporary collection enables you to create exactly the right ambience to match your taste. Precision engineering combines with cutting-edge colour and character to make Contemporary the future for engineered boards.

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Caledonian comprises some of our most popular, classic designs, and gives you the ideal balance of aesthetic flexibility, durable performance and value.
With its characteristic emphasis on the lighter and honeyed tones of oak and walnut,
Caledonian gives you a warm palette to work from. And whatever ambience you aim
to create, these precision engineered boards also deliver exceptional stability and

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Prefinished Solid

For some there’s nothing quite so authentic as a solid natural plank floor. Our prefinished solids come in a range of tones so there is something to suit every taste. A solid wood floor is steeped in tradition and is a statement of quality which goes back to Atkinson & Kirby’s roots in 1903.

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Unfinished Solid

For some there’s nothing quite so authentic as a solid natural block floor. Our unfinished solid wood flooring is available in a variety of widths and grades to allow you to achieve the look you desire. As the blocks are supplied for you to finish on site you have complete control over the final look.

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Luxury Vinyl

The technology of vinyl boards means any look is possible. Our Vinyl range gives you
the most up to date selection of decors to create stunning interiors from the ground up. The registered embossed finish adds a textural dimension to give even more character, coupled with the purely practical benefits of easy-fit, exceptional stability thanks to the 5G fold down locking system, easy maintenance and moisture resistant performance.

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